Country 105


Country 105

Country 105

The Phrase That Really Pays!!

Country 105 is giving you the chance to win cold, hard, CASH!!!

Starting Tuesday, September 5th, be listening twice a day, 7 days a week, for your chance to play The Phrase That Really Pays for your chance to WIN BIG!!!
When you hear the cue to call, be caller 9 and if you can correctly identify all 6 mystery voices in the correct order, you instantly win the jackpot!
Each day that passes without a winner, we'll add $105 to the jackpot! Plus Bob Banister will have clue to help you along each afternoon between 3-6 pm!
The sky is the limit with The Phrase Really That Pays jackpot!!

The Phrase That Pays on Country 105 is brought to you by:


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