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Organic Bill Moves Ahead

By Fadi Didi

Dufferin Caledon MPP's bill has passed second reading in the Ontario legislature.

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A bill put forward by Dufferin Caledon MPP Sylvia Jones has passed second reading in the Ontario legislature.

Bill 153, the Organic Products Act is co-sponsored legislation between Jones and NDP MPP Peter Tabuns.

It would ensure consumer confidence in organic products by requiring that all organic products sold in Ontario have been certified.

Jones says all organic products sold across provincial borders or carrying the Canada Organic Logo must be certified as organic, but in Ontario there is no restriction as to what can be called "organic".

She says that means people are free to call any product organic whether or not it really is.

The bill has so far gotten the support of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, the National Farmers Union - and other groups.


With proteins getting more and more expensive, nutritionists may turn to the sea for swine diets.

Officials say Blue mussels could be stripped from ropes and fish nets to provide 15,000 tonnes per year for Danish farmers.

Starfish have been tested and found acceptable at up to five per cent of rations, but not at 10 per cent.

and various seaweeds have been tried, with Asia harvesting 26 million tonnes per year.

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