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TPP Could Be Good For Red Meat

By Fadi Didi

Canada & 10 countries a step closer to trade agreement that could be good for Canadian farmers.

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Canada and ten other countries in the Pacific Rim are one step closer to a new free trade agreement.

That could be good news for Canadian farmers.

Already, Ontario pork producers export between 50 and 55 per cent of their products, with Japan the second largest export market for Canadian hogs.

A successful Trans-Pacific Partnership will increase access and remove barriers to trade in several other countries.

And if the trade deal is successful, Canada's red meat industry could reap benefits as well.

Countries in the Pacific Rim receive approximately 28 per cent of Canada's total global meat exports, and officials believe the market will continue to grow.


Members of Ontario's beef community have outlined some of their production practices and environmental impacts in a recent Beef Research Council video.

Officials at the University of Guelph say they want producers to understand that environmental footprints are important.

They say some of the research they are doing can help to minimize the environmental footprint of beef production.

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