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Country 105

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Bread Price Investigation

By Fadi Didi

Loblaws, Metro & Wal Mart have been searched by the Federal Bureau of Competition.

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The offices of Loblaws, Metro and Wal Mart have been searched as the Federal Bureau of Competition looks for evidence of price-fixing of bread and packaged baked goods.

An Ontario Superior Court granted the search warrants based on evidence that there are reasonable grounds to believe some individuals and companies have engaged in anti-competitive activities

Loblaws, Metro and Wal-Mart all issued news releases acknowledging their offices have been searched.

Loblaws is a sister company to Canada Bread, both controlled by the Weston Group.


McDonald's in the U.S. will now require welfare standards for raising chickens for the products it markets, such as McNuggets.

Among its standards will be barn lighting and perches for the birds.

The fast-food chain says it will set targets for chickens' health, including how well they walk and whether they have broken wings.

It expects the new standards to take effect by 2024.

The giant fast food company says it will work with suppliers and technology companies to develop monitoring systems.

There is no word so far about McDonald's intentions for Canadian suppliers.

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