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Wine Shortage on the Way

By Fadi Didi

Organization of Vine & Wine predicts global wine production will fall to lowest level in 50 years.

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This is not good news for wine drinkers...

A report by the International Organization of Vine and Wine predicts global wine production will fall to its lowest level in 50 years.

Total world output is projected to fall eight per cent from last year to about 247 million hectolitres.

The drop is blamed on the extreme weather in Italy, France and Spain - the world's top three producers.

Italian wine production will fall 23%, France will drop 19% and Spanish production will be 15% lower.

Meanwhile, output in the US - the world's fourth-largest producer should drop just one per cent.


Mann's Fresh Vegetables of Salinas, California, has been hit with a massive recall of its packaged fresh vegetables and salads.

The problem is Listeria mono-cytogenes food-poisoning bacteria.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has posted information about the recall which includes Compliments and Western Family brand names.

The complete list of 34 products involved is on the CFIA website.

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