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4 Jobs for Every Agri-Food Grad

By Fadi Didi

Growing concern in Southwestern Ontario that farmers won't be able to fill the jobs.


A new report by Canada's largest agricultural school says there are four jobs for every one of its graduates in the agri-food sector.

Officials say there is growing concern in Southwestern Ontario that farmers won't be able to fill the jobs they have in the growing industry.

The University of Guelph has increased its enrolment by 30 per cent over the last five years with a 50-per-cent surge in students in key areas such as its bachelor of science in agriculture program.

Despite that, the gap between graduates and employers' needs is only expected to widen, according to the report which is a snapshot of hiring trends.


Farmers can now grow medicinal marijuana which is practically no different from the pot that gets you stoned.

A consulting company is offering to help people who want to get into growing marijuana.

The Mallot Creek Group near Guelph, was one of several exhibitors at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show last month promoting the medicinal drug.

A  Company spokesperson says farmers are needed to grow the crop as the supply is nowhere near the demand.

As of mid August there were 29 grower licences issued in Ontario and 12 licences issued in British Columbia.

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