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US Wants to Send More Wheat North

By Fadi Didi

Wheat growers claim Canada's grain grading system is a barrier. Asking Trump to pressure Canada.

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The American National Association of Wheat Growers and US Wheat Associates are lobbying the US government to help them export more wheat into Canada.

They claim Canada's grain grading system is a barrier, so they are asking President Trump to put pressure on Canada.

A number of lobby groups in Canada support the U.S. position.

They want to change the Canada Grains Act to allow American grain access to our wheat grading system or else to get rid of the grading system altogether.

Both options would likely help the multinational grain companies and harm farmers.

But officials in Canada say there is no barrier.

They say Canadian millers can already bring in as much US-grown wheat as they choose. No limits.


The Ontario government wants farmers to be safe during the harvest.

The Agriculture Minister says with harvest underway, motorists can expect to see an increase of farm vehicles and equipment moving down provincial roadways.

The province asks drivers to take extra precautions when driving past slow-moving farm equipment, but it says farmers should also ensure farm equipment is appropriately lit and has its required permits.

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