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Grain Elevator Fire

By Fadi Didi

An elevator in Saskatchewan burned, with about 35-thousand bushels of yellow peas inside of it.

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A family elevator in Saskatchewan burned over the weekend, with about 35-thousand bushels of yellow peas inside of it.

The Kohlman family was combining south of Tramping Lake, which is about 170 kilometres west of Saskatoon, when the fire started over the weekend.

Brian Kohlman says neighbours rushed to help clear what they could out of the elevator before the fire spread.

Kohlman says he'll start working on insurance on Monday, but his focus is ensuring he can harvest his canola and prepare lentils.

Based on a market price of seven dollars and fifty cents a bushel, the value of the peas would have been more than a quarter of a million dollars.


The president of the Philippines is assuring the public that poultry products are safe to eat after the country's first large outbreak of avian flu.

President Rodrigo Duterte ate grilled chicken, duck and eggs with other officials yesterday in front of journalists and T-V cameras.

Authorities killed more than 600-thousand chickens, ducks, quails, pigeons and game fowls at the height of the outbreak this month.

It caused a drop in prices and consumption along with misery for farm owners and workers.


Representatives from the Canadian Cattlemen's Association say they are watching the NAFTA renegotiation talks carefully.

Spokesman Dennis Laycraft says they want to make sure country of origin labelling doesn't find its way into the agreement.

They also would like to move away from re-inspection at the borders to a pre-clearance approach.

Laycraft says it is time to modernize the agreement. The second round of talks are set to take place later this week.


China shops, beware -- a bull is on the loose in British Columbia's southern Interior.

RCMP say the 635 kilogram bull escaped last week from the BC Livestock Yard in Kamloops, about 350 kilometres northeast of Vancouver.

It was spotted on the weekend, just east of Kamloops, but a news release from Cpl. Jodi Shelkie says it could have travelled some distance since then.

The tan-coloured bull does not have any markings or brands, but it's unlikely to be confused with other livestock.

In addition to large horns, Shelkie says it has an unpredictable and potentially nasty temperament.


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