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By Vanessa Culbert

11 Ontario families have been chosen to receive the 2017 BMO Ontario Farm Family Award.

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The Ontario Plowmen's Association says 11 Ontario families have been chosen to receive the 2017 BMO Ontario Farm Family Award.

Those families, who are being honoured for their dedication to Ontario's agriculture sector and the rural way of life, will be formally recognized at this year's 2017 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo.

It is being held this year in Walton, Ontario in Huron county and the awards will be given out on Saturday, September 23rd.

Among the 2017 BMO Ontario Farm Family Award Recipients are the Gamble family of North Grey.

They operate Gamblelane Farms Limited.


An Okanagan winery is living up to its name by going off the grid.

Nigel Paynter, owner of Off the Grid Winery, says the company's goal is to reach net-zero power consumption.

It's installed solar panels on the roof of its wine shop, and used straw bale insulation for the structure.

The winery opened in 2015 and also follows other environmentally conscious practices including the use of grazing farm animals to eliminate weeds in the vineyard.


A scientist says people in southern Alberta want grizzly bears to remain on the landscape despite the increasing number of encounters with humans.

Andrea Morehouse of the University of Alberta says people in the area have been coming up with innovative ways to reduce conflict with the bears.

In a newly published study, Morehouse found that encounters between grizzlies and people have increased fourfold since 1999.

She suspects that's because of a small but steady increase in the bear population.


Champion chuckwagon driver Kelly Sutherland has retired after more than 50 years controlling the reins of horses as they thundered around the track.

Sutherland, who turns 66 this year, participated in his final race on the weekend in Rocky Mountain House in west-central Alberta.

The 12-time world chuckwagon champion says he has been mentally preparing for this final season for the last few years.

Sutherland says he's had the ultimate career and feels blessed to have been able to compete -- and win -- for so many years. 


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