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1st Round NAFTA Talks Wrap Up

By Vanessa Culbert

Canada, the U.S. and Mexico say there's considerable work ahead.

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North American countries have wrapped up their first round of negotiations toward a new continental trade agreement.

In a joint statement after negotiations ended on Sunday, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico said there's considerable work ahead and that they are committed to an ``accelerated and comprehensive negotiation process.''

The countries will continue consulting domestic stakeholders, prepare to table more texts that will form the backbone of a new agreement, and then head to Mexico City for the second round, from September 1st through 5th.

A third round will be held in Canada in late September.


A group that represents Canadian advertisers is criticizing proposed restrictions on marketing food and beverages to children.

Health Canada's proposed policy changes would allow advertising of healthy foods including vegetables, fruit, whole grains and protein-rich foods.

But they must be processed or prepared with no added sodium, sugars or fat.

The Association of Canadian Advertisers says the suggested changes to the policy go too far.

The association says a study shows there is no correlation between advertising and rising rates of childhood obesity.


The American dairy industry is split on the question of Canada's supply-management system amid North American free trade talks.

At least five organizations have expressed support for creating such a system in the U-S and some have written letters to the official leading the U-S trade team, urging Robert Lighthizer to leave the Canadian system alone.

That puts them at odds with the main national milk lobby, as well as the U-S government position which opposes Canadian supply management.

The U-S is expected to ultimately seek a slight opening of the Canadian dairy sector.


The latest weekly crop report says some farmers have begun harvesting their fields in southern Saskatchewan.

Less than one per cent of the provincial crop has been combined, while slightly more than one per cent is ready to straight-cut.

According to the report, 47 per cent of fall rye, six per cent of winter wheat, two per cent of lentils and one per cent of field peas are now in the bin.

Many pulse crops in southern and central areas are being desiccated. Reported yields so far range from average to well below average, depending on field and moisture conditions.


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