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Protecting Canadian Wine

By Fadi Didi

Trade Minister says government will protect Canadian interests during NAFTA negotiations.


International Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne tells CTV the federal government will be steadfast'' in protecting Canadian interests, including the wine industry, during NAFTA negotiations with the United States.

Champagne says Canada's negotiators will always look after this country's best interests, whether the discussions are about Canadian lumber, dairy industry or wine.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer recently brought up the issue of wine. The U.S. has asked the World Trade Organization to examine why the B.C. government allows only wine produced within the province to be sold in grocery stores.

The U.S. considers the practice discriminatory to American wine exports.


The Philippines will cull at least 400,000 birds after confirming its first bird flu outbreak, but says no animal-to-human transmission has been reported.

The Agriculture Secretary says he has ordered all fouls within a kilometre (0.6 mile) of six affected farms culled. He says the area has also been declared a quarantine zone.

37,000 birds have died from subtype H5 avian influenza after infections started in a quail and duck farm.  The Ag Secretary says experts believe the ducks to be the virus carrier.

He has informed the Phillipine President, the Department of Health and the World Organization for Animal Health about the outbreak.


Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has opened the first regional session on developing a national food policy across Canada.

MacAulay opened the session is his home province of Prince Edward Island.

The session is the first in a series being held across Canada over the next two months.

Public consultations on a food policy for Canada were launched on May 29th and an online survey has been extended to August 31st.


EU officials say 15 European Union members plus China and Switzerland have reported receiving contaminated eggs or egg products in a growing food scandal.

Several producers in the Netherlands and Belgium are under investigation after eggs there were found to have been treated with a product containing pesticide Fipronil.

The EU trade and agriculture spokesman says farms have also been blocked in France and Germany.

He named 13 other countries that have received products from affected farms.

The semi-autonomous Chinese territory of Hong Kong was the only non-European place mentioned. 

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