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Ag Industry Needs To Improve Comms

By Fadi Didi

Cereals Canada president says ag industry needs to do a better job of communicating to the public.


The president of Cereals Canada says when it comes to genetic engineering technology, there are lessons to be learned from past mistakes.

Cam Dahl notes with the new wave of technology, the agriculture industry needs to do a better job of communicating to the public.

He says scientists and farmers need to come out of the fields and labs to explain why the new technology is good for consumers and the plant.

He says those in the industry know how science will benefit agriculture, but that needs to be explained to people with no connection to farms.


Ottawa has released the final list of designated regions where livestock tax deferral has been authorized for 2016 due to drought conditions in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

The provision allows producers who are facing feed shortages to defer a portion of their sale proceeds of breeding livestock to the next year.

The cost of replacing the animals in the next year offsets the deferred income, which reduces the tax burden associated with the original sale.

For 2017, federal officials are working with their provincial counterparts and emergency management personnel to understand the impacts of the current wildfires in British Columbia on agricultural operations.


Belgium's agriculture minister says Dutch authorities knew in November that eggs in the Netherlands were contaminated with an insecticide and failed to notify their European partners.

Dozens of producers in Belgium and the Netherlands are being investigated for eggs containing Fipronil, which is dangerous to human health.

Belgium signalled on July 20th that it had found contamination.


The owner of a free-range animal farm in Nova Scotia has taken the unusual step of offering bacon as an incentive for information about two major thefts from his property this summer.

In an appeal posted on Facebook, Melvin Burns of Moo Nay Farms in Cooks Brook offered a reward of just over two kilograms of bacon for tips leading to the culprit who took about $1,000 worth of power tools.

Burns says the farm near Shubenacadie was also hit in June when someone stole a number of pigs and hens.

He is also offering the odd job around the farm or training for anyone who owns up to the thefts _ saying that if someone is taking things out of need, he is willing to provide an opportunity to make money in an honest way.

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