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Cows Killed By Lightning

By Fadi Didi

Ten P.E.I. cows killed by a lightning strike so powerful it look like it tossed some over a fence.


Ten P.E.I. cows have been killed by a lightning strike so powerful it appears to have tossed some of the animals over a fence.

Farmer Blair Henry wandered out to the field in Vernon Bridge after he spotted an unusual cluster of his beef cattle off on its own earlier this month.

He then saw the bodies of six cows and four calves laying near a fence on his almost 30-hectare farm, and knew instantly that a powerful lightning storm that raged through the night had struck the animals down.

Henry says the storm was so potent some of the animals were apparently tossed over the fence, making it look like what he described as a ``war zone.''


A House panel has voted to lift a ban on slaughtering horses at meat processing plants in the United States.

The move by the House Appropriations Committee would reverse a horse slaughter ban that was contained in a huge catchall spending bill signed into law by President Donald Trump in early May.

A move to renew the slaughter ban, pushed by California Democrat Lucille Roybal-Allard, was defeated by a 27-25 vote.

The Horse slaughter ban has mostly been in force for more than a decade. The ban is enforced by blocking the Agriculture Department from providing inspectors at meat plants that slaughter horses.


The federal government has announced more than 233-thousand dollars in funding to help B.C.'s agri-food sector increase sales in markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The funding provided will help eleven small-and medium-sized agri-food businesses expand existing markets and build new global customers.

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says support for projects such as these emphasizes the government's commitment to help B.C.'s industry grow, diversify and prosper.


It was a woolly ride, but three wild rabbits managed to escape rising floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering aboard sheep and surfing to safety on their backs.

Ferg Horne says he's been farming since he left school at age 15 and has never seen anything quite like it.

He was trudging through pelting rain to rescue a neighbour's 40 sheep from the floodwaters when he spotted some dark shapes from a distance.

Then he saw the bedraggled rabbits hitching a ride _ two on one sheep and a third on another sheep. He shot video of it just so he could prove to people what he'd seen. 


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