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Theft From Local Produce Stands

By Fadi Didi

The owner of a produce business in Lucknow is speaking out.


The owner of a local produce business in Lucknow is speaking out.

Julia Conley is co-owner of the Needful Things 100 Mile Produce Market and says thieves have been stealing from them for some time and now and they're looking to put a stop to it.

For Conley, she just wants to give those who are stealing from her a chance to right a wrong.

She's given the thieves 72 hours to do the right thing, be honest and come forward.

If not, she will call the police.


Hundreds of landless farmers in Brazil have invaded and occupied a soybean plantation owned by a company belonging to the country's Agriculture Minister.

The takeover by some 500 people was organized by the Landless Rural Workers' Movement, which encourages the seizure of farmland it deems unproductive as a tactic to pressure the government.

The movement says the occupation was part of a campaign to promote land reform and also a protest against corruption and the administration of Brazil's President.


 A butter sculpture at this year's Ohio State Fair includes the traditional cow and calf along with four student athletes and a six-foot-tall bottle colored to look like chocolate milk.

The American Dairy Association Mideast says the sculpture salutes chocolate milk as the official drink of the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

It's the first time the butter sculpture has included colour. Cocoa was added for the bottle.

The dairy association says five sculptors spent about 500 hours creating the display, which is made from about two thousand pounds of butter.


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