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Canada Won't Be Easily Trumped

By Fadi Didi

The Canadian government is promising to defend the national interest in Trump's NAFTA talks.


The Canadian government is promising to defend the national interest now that the Trump administration has come out with its goals for a new North American Free Trade Agreement.

Washington is looking for better access for its exports of agriculture, including dairy products, wine and grain.

It also calls for the elimination of the dispute-settlement system that has ruled in favour of Canada on softwood lumber.

But it's unclear how it would replace the measure, which was a critical issue for Ottawa in the original trade talks.


A new report says Prince Edward Island is a leader in some respects when it comes to support for organic farmers, but has other areas it needs to work on.

The report from the Canada Organic Trade Association is a first look at regulation and support of the industry across the country, both nationally and provincially.

Janice Melanson, executive director of Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network, which participated in the production of the report, says P-E-I got low marks for not having provincial regulations.

But Melanson says the province does have support from the organic industry development program, which provides funding for transition support for farmers, extension services and research.


Ontario will begin dropping rabies vaccines from planes next month.

Beginning in August, aircraft will drop rabies vaccine baits across eastern and southern Ontario, including the Stratford, Hamilton and Niagara Peninsula areas.

The drops primarily target rural or forested areas and aim to inoculate the local wildlife populations.

Hundreds of animals in southern Ontario have been diagnosed with rabies since December 2015.


The federal government is partnering with the Alberta government to provide nearly five million dollars to help five Calgary food processors expand capacity and improve efficiency.

Calgary's Village Brewing Company is receiving support to add a new canning line and centrifuge to its craft brewery while H. Hein Foods will get new equipment to diversify production for poultry, beef and pork products.

CadCan Marketing and Sales is getting money to purchase equipment to develop a gluten-free pellet formula for its air-puffed, low-fat and gluten-free snack products.

Just BioFiber Structural Solutions will purchase and install a commercial-scale plant to turn hemp stalks into building material while Basha International Foods will increase its capacity to debone whole chicken leg meat.

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