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Beef Research in Elora Gets Money

By Fadi Didi

Ottawa has announced a two-million-dollar investment with the Beef Farmers of Ontario to enhance the genetic profiling of eastern Canada cow herds to improve feed efficiency.

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay made the announcement at the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Elora Beef Research Centre in Ontario.

It's where the research will take place.

Officials hope the research will reduce the amount of feed needed for every pound of beef, with each cow producing less methane.


A British Columbia research scientist says a possible cause for the severe decline in some species of North American hummingbirds might be the same insecticide affecting honey bees.

Christine Bishop with Environment and Climate Change Canada says researchers began collecting urine and feces from the birds for testing.

She says the pesticide concentration in the urine is relatively high at tree parts per billion.

Bishop says the birds are obviously picking up pesticides in their food, which can be nectar and also insects.

She says researchers don't know yet how it's affecting the population, but don't think the decline is strictly an agricultural issue.


Campbell Soup says it has agreed to pay 700 million dollars to acquire Pacific Foods, which makes organic broths and plant-based drinks.

The deal marks the latest effort by Campbell to diversify its product lineup to better reflect changing tastes toward foods that are seen as healthier or fresher.

The New Jersey-based company's other acquisitions have included hummus and salsa maker Garden Fresh and organic baby food maker Plum.

But its efforts to focus on fresh have run into some struggles, such a recall of Bolthouse Farm drinks as well as smaller-than-expected carrots that hurt sales.


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