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Dairy Executive Director Steps Down

By Fadi Didi

Caroline Eamond's tenure has seen the organization's familiar cow logo revamped.


Dairy Farmers of Canada says its executive director is moving on.

Caroline Eamond has served in the post since January 2015, and her tenure has seen the organization's familiar cow logo revamped.

A news release from the organization notes she also helped minimize the impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for dairy farmers.

Over the next few months, Dairy Farmers of Canada will be conducting a search to find the new executive director.


Someone is stealing the free-range pigs and chickens of central Nova Scotia, and even leaving the remains of one pig behind after butchering it.

A litter of piglets, six heritage Berkshire pigs and 40 chickens were stolen from Moo Nay Farms in Cooks Brook.

Down the road at Snowy River Farms, about 33 meat hens were noticed missing.

R-C-M-P Cpl. Dal Hutchinson says such a brazen theft of livestock, especially two robberies on the same stretch of road, is unusual.


The Grey Dufferin Community Pasture Farm Twilight Meeting is set to go this evening.

It is at a farm at  #126522 Southgate Road 12 west of Grey road 8.

There is hot beef on a bun beginning at 6... and a wagon tour at 7 tonight. (July 5th).


The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa has opened an exhibition that marks the 50th anniversary of canola as a made-in-Canada crop.

Canola! Seeds of Innovation explores the ingenuity of Canadian plant researchers, who took on the challenge of creating a healthy vegetable oil from rapeseed, which at the time was a little-known plant that grew well on the Prairies.

Following decades of collaboration and hard work, they succeeded in developing one of Canada's most important crops.

A traveling exhibition has also been touring the country and will next be on display at the Calgary Stampede.


A judge says Alberta should require mandatory agriculture safety training and equipment checks following the death of a worker who was pulled into a farm machine.

Provincial court Judge Anne Brown makes the recommendations in a fatality inquiry report into the 2014 death of Stephen Gibson.

Gibson was working on a farm northwest of Calgary moving grain from a silo to a cattle feed area using an auger and a drive shaft machine called a power take off.

After unclogging a jam, his clothing got caught and he was drawn into the unshielded machine, which killed the 46-year-old instantly.

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