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By Fadi Didi

Planned changes to the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers' governance structure.


Planned changes to the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers' governance structure are up for public comment right now.

Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jeff Leal says the proposed changes have been implemented for other marketing boards.

He says government officials have found they are aligned with current best practices when creating or amending marketing board plan regulations.

Leal says Ontario's processing vegetable sector is an economic driver for the province- accounting for more than 100 million dollars in economic activity each year.


Tyson Foods in the United States says it has installed video cameras in key areas of all its poultry processing operations and will seek a new way to slaughter birds.

Tyson says it views itself as a steward for millions of birds and insists the move isn't a reaction to bad publicity from undercover videos showing abuses in other segments of the agriculture industry.

Tyson has also hired nearly five dozen animal well-being specialists to circulate among its growers.

The company also says it will explore killing birds with carbon dioxide gas rather than through traditional means.


Following a wetter than normal planting season, farmers are encouraged to report on their acres online.

Agricorp's call centre expects a flurry of phone calls towards the end of this month.
Officials say grain and oilseed producers can avoid call wait times by reporting their Production Insurance acres online right up to midnight on June 30th.
Registered online users can report their acres through online services, which allows producers to report when it's convenient and avoid waiting in the phone queue during this busy reporting season.


The World Wildlife Fund says Canada can no longer pretend it is a country rich with pristine lakes and rivers.

In a new report based on four years of research, the conservation organization says one-third of Canada's 167 watersheds are experiencing high levels of disturbance due to everything from pollution and overuse to climate and change and hydroelectric development.

More than one-third are so polluted the W-W-F says it is of serious concern.

Three in four are experiencing moderate or high impact from climate change and one in four have poor or fair water quality largely due to agriculture and mining.


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