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Canada Overtakes United States

By Fadi Didi

Canada has passes the United States as the Number 1 North American supplier of pork to China.


Canada has overtaken the United States as the Number 1 North American supplier of pork to China.

Tightened environmental standards in China have forced farm closures and boosted demand for cheap imports.

For their part, Canadian farmers have almost completely removed the growth drug Ractopamine, which is banned in China, a country that consumes half of the world's pork.

As a result, major U.S.-based firms are now moving to produce more Ractopamine-free hogs.


Democratic senators from rural states are criticizing President Donald Trump's proposed budget, saying it would have significant negative impacts on rural America.

Trump's budget released last week would limit rural development programs designed to improve the economy and infrastructure in small towns and other rural areas.

Democratic senators have written Trump a letter opposing the rural development cuts and the proposed elimination of an account that pays for rural water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

The senators wrote that the cuts would undermine communities' ability to support rural home ownership, provide clean drinking and waste water systems and promote access to rural hospitals, police and firefighters.


British Columbia's Prosecution Service has filed an appeal of sentences handed to three dairy farm employees who abused milk cows.

The service says the sentences imposed last month should be increased based on what it believes were errors in law and because of the public interest in the case that involved hidden-camera video taken at Chilliwack Cattle Sales Ltd.

Jamie Visser and Chris Vandyke were given 60 days each in jail, prohibited from having animals in their custody for three years and sentenced to six months' probation while Travis Keefer was handed a seven-day sentence after they pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges.


John Deere, famous for its green and yellow farm tractors, will pay almost five billion dollars to buy Germany's Wirtgen, a maker of pavers, compacters and other machinery used in road construction.

Deere and Company says the deal will help its construction business expand internationally.

Wirtgen's machines are used to lay concrete and asphalt for highways and roads, crush large rocks and to flatten roads after hot asphalt has been laid down.

Deere says it plans to keep Wirtgen's brands, employees and its business operations.


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