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Ontario's Only Banana Farm Leaving

By Fadi Didi

Ontario's only banana farm is moving operations outside Ontario's West Coast.


Ontario's only banana farm is moving operations outside Ontario's West Coast.

Terry Brake of Blyth's Canada Banana Farms feels local officials have been working against the farm.

He says the farm is not welcome in the township or in Huron county.

Canada Banana Farms was given a stop work order in 2015, after municipal officials ordered the farm to provide building permits for the pop-up "hoophouses" used to grow produce.

No word on just where the operation will be moving to.


The bee industry is buzzing over the arrest of a man accused of stealing thousands of hives from California's almond orchards.

The case has thrown a spotlight on a business many city slickers probably never knew existed: Beekeepers in the U.S. move their colonies around the country by truck and rent them out to farmers to pollinate their flowering crops.

In California, which relies on bees brought in from such places as Missouri, Montana and North Dakota to produce more almonds than any other place in the world, hives began to vanish overnight across several counties three years ago.

The break in the case came in late April, when authorities found a ramshackle chop shop of stolen beehives outside Fresno, and made an arrest.


A team of researchers from the University of Guelph is working on a project which aims to identify and measure the ecosystem services provided by agricultural landscapes in southern Ontario.

In addition to providing for crop and livestock production, researches believe agricultural lands also provide a valuable complement to the ecosystem services traditionally associated with natural areas.

That includes woodlands, wetlands, and stream corridor.

But to test the theory, the research group is seeking help from individual farmers from regions across southern Ontario including the Wellington and Waterloo areas.


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