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International Pork Shipment Incident

By Fadi Didi

A Canadian shipment of pig feet to China, tested positive for ractopamine, a banned growth drug.


Canadian pork exports to China could be at risk, following an incident last week.

It's being reported that a Canadian shipment of pig feet to China, tested positive for ractopamine, a banned growth drug.

A spokesman for Olymel  one of Canada's two biggest pork processors, is investigating the cause of the incident.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has put a temporarily hold on exports from that particular plant to China.


Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says the government is soliciting input from the public as they are planning the development of a food policy for Canada.

Canadians can have their input through an online survey designed to shape a food policy that will cover the entire food system.

The plan is to increase access to affordable food, improve health and food safety, conserve soil, water and air and grow more high-quality food.


The Nova Scotia Liberals pledged to invest more than 17 million dollars in agriculture and aquaculture industries, during the election campaign.

Newly re-elected Premier Stephen McNeil says a Liberal government will create jobs by spending 9 million dollars over three years on a new fund for the agriculture and seafood industry.

McNeil also says a Liberal government will spend more than 8 million dollars developing the province's aquaculture industry over three years.


One of Canada's largest populations of barn owls seems to be struggling to survive in Metro Vancouver.

Urban sprawl and agriculture changes may be at fault.

Researchers used radio trackers to monitor 11 barn owls over 4 years and found them roosting under bridges, in industrial areas and on overpasses. When the birds lose their grassland hunting grounds, they are often poisoned by the rodents they eat.

New regulations for rodent poison are in place and it is hoped that wildlife corridors for  birds, bees and other animals will help them survive close to humans.

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