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Freight Rates Are Going Up

By Fadi Didi

Freight rates for grain for farmers are going up this summer.


Freight rates for grain for farmers are going up this summer.

The Canadian Transportation Agency projects the grain rates will jump 4.1 percent to reflect higher railway labour and fuel costs.

The chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Commission, Bill Gehl, says the higher rates will hurt farm income at a time of lower prices.

He hopes the rising rates ensure good railway performance.


China will finally open its borders to U.S. beef while cooked Chinese poultry is closer to hitting the American market as part of a U.S.-China trade agreement.

American administration officials hailed the deal as a significant step in their efforts to boost U.S. exports and even America's trade gap with the world's second-largest economy.

The United States would also allow U.S. companies to ship liquefied natural gas to China as part of the bilateral agreement reached following the U.S. President's meeting with China's president in April.

The agreement covers a number of long-standing barriers in areas ranging from agriculture to energy to the operation of American financial firms in China.


Farm debt is growing in Ontario... but the assistant federal agriculture minister says farmers are in a good place to handle it.

Tom Rosser says the increasing debt levels seen in agriculture are indicative of farmers using debt as a tool to increase their competitiveness.
The C-E-O of Farm Credit Canada, Michael Hoffort, says rising farmland prices are helping farm asset appreciation keep pace with farm debt levels.

According to Statistics Canada, total outstanding Canadian farm debt was nearly 92 billion dollars in 2015. 


Canada could soon find itself engaged in another battle over Country of Origin Labelling.

The Italian government has submitted a proposal to the E-U Commission that would require labelling on all pasta that is sold in the country.

Cereals Canada president Cam Dahl says this would have a major impact on Canadian farmers that grow durum wheat.

He says it would significantly increase the cost of producing pasta from Canadian durum in Italy.



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