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Canada US Division Over Dairy

By Fadi Didi

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier welcomes Donald Trump's swipe at Canadian dairy.

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Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier has welcomed Donald Trump's swipe at the Canadian dairy industry, saying that it's not just American farmers who are losing out.

Bernier says Canadians suffer more under supply management than Americans and if elected leader he promises to abolish the system.

This week, Trump targeted Canada explicitly in taking the next steps in his ``Buy American, Hire American'' policy, suggesting Wisconsin farmers are suffering because of the Canadian system.

Supply management has long vexed conservatives because it stands in sharp contrast to their belief in free markets.


An 80-year-old woman has been charged with embezzling more than 70-thousand dollars that was set aside to build a statue in Lansing, Michigan, to honour farm labour leader Cesar Chavez.

The attorney general's office says Maria Louisa Mason was executive director of the Michigan Hispanic/Latino Commission within the state Department of Civil Rights.

Mason is accused of transferring the money to bank accounts that she controlled and then using it to pay credit card bills, taxes and other personal expenses.

The Chavez statue still hasn't been built.


Saskatchewan milk producers are feeling a bit sour over the comments made by U.S. President Donald Trump this week saying Wisconsin farmers are suffering because of the Canadian system.

Joy Smith of SaskMilk says it wasn't a surprise but they don't know exactly what he's targetting.

Smith defends Canada's system and says without it, the rest of the world is in a situation where they're producing a milk surplus.

She says when that happens, the price drops and that is what is happening in places like Wisconsin.


A group calling itself the Monsanto Tribunal is claiming that the U.S. seed company has engaged in practices which have negatively impacted people's rights to a healthy environment, food and good health.

The tribunal says Monsanto has affected the livelihoods and health of farmers and others around the world with its sales of genetically modified seeds and the weed-killer Roundup.

It is calling on the international legal community to protect the environment.

Company officials says the tribunal has been staged by a group of anti-agriculture and anti-Monsanto critics.

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