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Rabies Concerns in Huron and Perth

By Fadi Didi

A National Farmers Union of Ontario rep says even one case of rabies is too much.

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The National Farmers Union of Ontario has fired off a letter to Minister Jeff Leal of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs and copied it to Minster of Natural Resources, Kathryn McGarry, raising concerns about the recent rabies cases seen in Huron and Perth County.

Board member Martin Boettcher says 1 infected animal is too many.

NFU Ontario President Emery Huszka says they need fully funded bait inoculation programs, and rural residents also need to know what to look for.

The NFU-O also called for a report investigating the root causes behind the outbreak, including looking into whether budget cuts have affected wild animal baiting programs.


The P-E-I seed company that provided seed packets for Cheerios' ``Bring Back the Bees'' campaign says the seeds are not invasive or genetically modified, despite online claims to the contrary.

Veseys Seeds supplied seed packets for the cereal's North America campaign aimed at drawing attention to dwindling bee populations.

But there have been claims on social media that the packets contain plant species that are allegedly invasive to North America, namely forget-me-nots, which is banned as a noxious weed in Massachusetts.

John Barrett, Veseys' director of sales, marketing and development, says the seeds are annuals, not perennials, and are the ``perfect combination'' for attracting pollinators to a garden.


NFU Ontario President Emery Huszka, made a presentation at the Ontario Farmland Trust forum about the impact to farmland when farmers no longer own it.

The NFU has been calling for farmland to remain in the hands of farmers since its inception.

Huszka says there are protections for farmland in other parts of this country but not in Ontario. 

He says land assembled into large parcels by investment companies becomes unaffordable to all but the very wealthy and institutional investors such as pension funds.

The NFU is Farmland investment companies are shifting Canadian farmland ownership from actual farmers to a new class of absentee landlords.


The Senate Agriculture Committee has approved President Donald Trump's pick for agriculture secretary, moving the nomination to the Senate floor.

The panel backed former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue on a voice vote on Thursday.

In his confirmation hearing last week, Perdue stressed that he has worked with Democrats in the past and sought to reassure farm-state senators in both parties who are fearful about the impact of President Donald Trump's proposed deep cuts to farm programs.

He also told senators concerned about Trump's trade agenda that ``trade is really the answer'' for farmers dealing with low crop prices.

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