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Marijuana Stocks Climb Higher

By Fadi Didi

Stocks got a boost following reports the feds will introduce a bill that aims to legalize pot in 2018.

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Canadian marijuana stocks got a boost on Monday following reports that the federal government will introduce a bill next month that aims to legalize pot by July 1, 2018.

Shares of Canopy Growth Corp. were up 10 per cent to $10.88 per share .

Aurora Cannabis was up 10 per cent as well to $2.51.

Citing senior federal sources, CBC News and the Globe and Mail reported that the Liberal government is planning to table legislation ahead of April 20th, a symbolic date on which festivals are held annually across the country by marijuana enthusiasts.


The European Union has approved the proposed merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont.

Both plan to join in a 62-billion-dollar deal -- and then break apart into three separate, publicly traded companies.

The companies would focus on agriculture, material science, and the production and sale of specialty products.

Dow and DuPont said last month they were willing to divest more business to address antitrust concerns over pricing, quality and safety.

The E-U says the companies will sell DuPont pesticide businesses and ``almost the entirety'' of DuPont's global R-&-D organization.


New Brunswick's agriculture minister says the province's maple syrup industry is an important part of the government's economic growth plan.

Rick Doucet says the industry is expanding and the government wants to help it grow, pointing out that the province recently alloted an additional 44-hundred hectares of land for maple sugar production.

The government says New Brunswick has emerged as the world's third-largest producer of maple syrup, with an estimated two million kilograms produced each year and exported to 60 countries.

About 23-hundred seasonal and part-time workers are employed in the maple syrup sector. 


Supermarkets across Quebec will now be giving their leftover produce to food banks in need.

Food Banks of Quebec announced the launch of the province-wide Supermarket Recovery Program on Friday.

The program was first established as a pilot project around Montreal and Quebec City in October 2013 as a way to bring unsold meat products to food banks.

The program acts as the middle-man between supermarkets and food banks by managing distribution, storage and transportation.

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