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Woman Who Gave Water to Pigs in Court

By Fadi Didi

Charged with mischief for giving water to pigs on a truck as they headed to slaughter on a hot day.


A Toronto woman charged with mischief for giving water to pigs on a truck as they headed to slaughter on a hot day will be back in court on May 4th to hear the judge's decision.

Anita Krajnc's lawyer told a Burlington courtroom in closing arguments that his 49-year-old client acted in the public good when she gave water to the pigs in June of 2015.

The Defence lawyer compared her actions to the experiences of historic rights activists such as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony.

The Crown argued that the pigs were the property of a farmer, and that Krajnc had no right to interfere with them. 


A sweet, nutty-tasting new grain called Kernza is getting a big boost from food giant General Mills.

The company says it is intrigued by the potentially big environmental benefits of the drought-resistant crop with long roots that doesn't need to be replanted every year.

General Mills is partnering with The Land Institute and the University of Minnesota to help commercialize Kernza, a wild relative of wheat, and to incorporate the grain into cereals and snacks.

It's also urging other food companies to help create a market for Kernza.


The White House has submitted nomination paperwork for agriculture secretary pick Sonny Perdue _ more than seven weeks after President Donald Trump nominated him.

The Senate Agriculture Committee received the nomination on Thursday, but it still doesn't have Perdue's ethics paperwork or FBI background check.

The forms are necessary to schedule a confirmation hearing.

Perdue's ethics forms are also missing from the Office of Government Ethics website, which posts them when they are completed.

Perdue is a former Georgia governor who's had businesses in grain trading, trucking and exports.


The director of risk management with Hams Marketing Services says forward hog contracts are holding steady.

Tyler Fulton says there is a lot of uncertainty in the market on the demand side.

Fulton adds the U-S cash markets are generally under pressure and are also seeing price fluctuations.

He says there will be two new packers coming on stream over the course of the next six to eight months in the U-S, which will see packer margins shrink and producers keeping a larger share because of increased competition.

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