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New Milk Logo in Canada

By Fadi Didi

The new logo features a silhouette of a cow with a maple leaf on it.


The new year will see a new milk logo in Canada.

Dairy Farmers of Canada announced back in November that it was changing its logo, and they said that the new one would be the focus of a consumer information campaign in early 2017.

The new logo features a silhouette of a cow with a maple leaf on it and will replace the old, less-realistic looking animal.

Dairy Farmers of Canada says the new logo will make it easier for consumers at grocery stores to identify-high quality dairy products made from real milk, produced by real cows.


U-S Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has left the Agriculture Department a week before his tenure was to end, and before President-elect Donald Trump chose his replacement.

Vilsack, who led U-S-D-A for eight years and was President Barack Obama's longest-serving Cabinet secretary, told employees in an email that Friday was his final day.

The email did not say why he was leaving early.

He has said he wants to remain involved with agriculture after leaving government, but has not detailed those plans.


Newfoundland and Labrador's agriculture minister says his department will consider becoming firmer on its ``use it or lose it'' policy for agricultural land.

Steve Crocker says all over the province there's land that's designated for agriculture, and while there may be plans to develop it, there are lots of cases those plans don't pan out.

Young farmers have complained they have trouble finding land.

They say agricultural leases have been extended for existing land holders even though they're not farming.


Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his wife are on their way to opening an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.

Preliminary plans have been approved for a 45-acre farm that will be the home of animals saved from slaughterhouses, roadsides and live markets.

Tracey Stewart says the farm should open by 2018. It will include after-school programs, and be open for student trips and lectures for adults.

The farm still needs to be approved by a county planning board and state department of environmental protection.

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