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Mushroom Experiment May Change Farming

By Fadi Didi

Growing mushrooms in a dorm room has led to a business that could supply mushrooms to markets.

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Growing mushrooms in a dorm room is not typically done on purpose, but one student's experiment has led to a business that could soon supply mushrooms to markets across Alberta.

Alex Villeneuve is in the brewmaster program at Olds College and has been using waste barley to grow mushrooms, as well as recycling it for animal feed.

Olds College has helped him set up a larger space for his projects and provided some money.

Villeneuve is currently cultivating three varieties of oyster mushrooms. 


The National Farmers Union wants to find out if grain producers are being treated properly when they deliver their crops to inland terminals.

The grassroots farm organization says it is hearing repeated stories about producers being offered good grades for grain quality if they deliver to a terminal, which are then switched to lower grades when they arrive.

N-F-U president Jan Slomp says they've launched an online survey to determine the extent of the problem, in light of a reduced regulatory role by the Canadian Grain Commission.

The organization says the survey is open to all Canadian grain farmers.


Provincial police say one person has been killed in a fire east of Ottawa.

They say police and firefighters were called Wednesday morning to a fire in a large building housing farm equipment and machinery in East Hawkesbury Township.

The fire resulted in one fatality but the O-P-P says its has not yet confirmed the identity of the deceased.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but foul play is not suspected.


A proposal designed to protect farm animals in Maine from animal cruelty appears likely to fail after opposition from the dairy industry and a chilly reception from lawmakers.

Christina Perkins, an Ellsworth attorney and animal welfare advocate, wants to remove a clause from state law that allows farmers to use adherence to best management practices as a defence against charges of animal cruelty.

She says the law should be changed because animals should be treated the same way whether they are kept on a farm, in a shelter or in someone's backyard.

But the Legislature's agriculture committee voted against the proposal by a measure of eleven to one.


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