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Farmers Union Says Don't Rush CETA

By Fadi Didi

The National Farmers Union criticizing the Federal government over its certification of CETA.


The National Farmers Union is criticizing the Federal government over its certification of CETA, a trade deal with Europe.

In a release, the NFU says people around the world are uneasy about a Trump Presidency but that is no reason to rush into the deal.  

It says the deal offers the language of prosperity and progress, but in reality it accelerates income inequality.

NFU says in Canada, some farmers will see immediate income pressures as CETA comes into effect; others will find out over time they will be producing and selling a bit more, but for a lower price.

The NFU statement concludes that signing CETA raises false expectations for farmers.


Members of the B-C Fruit Growers Association are looking to build alliances outside the province in order to strengthen the fruit-growing industry.

Association president Fred Steele says his group's new bare-ground planting program to replant or reclaim orchards is vital if growers hope to move from sustainability to profitability.

A report says the program must be implemented across the country to be effective, and apple associations in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are already on side.

The idea has been in the planning stage for the last year in B-C.


A high-tech form of insect birth control connected to nuclear power could solve a devastating pest problem for Ontario farmers.

Bruce Power and Nordion, a global health science company have announced funding and support for a multi-year study led by the University of Guelph on sterilizing pepper weevils using Cobalt-60.

They hope to control the insects which can burrow into farmed peppers and destroy them from the inside.

According to the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers, pepper weevils ruined $83 million worth of crops in 2016.


A report commissioned by the previous Progressive Conservative government shows it was aware that Alberta farm workers needed workplace insurance protection.

The Sigma Risk Management report, obtained by the Alberta Federation of Labour, was presented to the Tories in February 2015, three months before they were swept from power by the N-D-P.

The report says about two thousand farm workers in Alberta suffer a lost-time accident each year and about 20 will die in workplace accidents.

It also notes that Workers Compensation Board coverage would be the cheapest insurance option for small and medium-size farms.

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