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Pest Controllers Key to Success

By Fadi Didi

Ontario Federation of Agriculture says pest controllers needed to ensure farms stay competitive.


A Director with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture says pest controllers are needed to ensure farming operations stay competitive.

Patrick Jilesen made the comment, following news the province would slash the number of certified pest inspectors, from 600 down to roughly 80.

Jilesen says pest controllers are much-needed resources for farmers, especially now.

He adds growers are always willing to comply with regulations, but the province must be willing to help make the process efficient.

In this case, he tells us lowering the number of certified pest controllers in Ontario could hinder farmers.


Ontario is being urged by environmentalists and farmers to charge a deposit on plastic bottles.

Environmental Defence and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture have written a joint letter to the government, saying a deposit would boost recycling rates and also help protect the Great Lakes.

Ashley Wallis of Environmental Defence says recycling isn't working and more than half of the plastic bottles sold in the province don't make it into the blue bin.

Meanwhile, she says about 80 per cent of litter in the lakes is plastic.


The Alberta government is giving 31 bioenergy companies short-term funding to support the low-carbon industry.

Bioenergy is low-carbon energy or fuel made from agricultural products such as crops and livestock waste.

The 60-million-dollar Bioenergy Producer Program will support 500 direct jobs and is part of a larger effort to help companies succeed in Alberta's low-carbon future.

Alberta's bioenergy industry powers the equivalent of 200,000 homes using wood pellets, biogas and liquid biofuels. The industry contributes about 800 million dollars to Alberta's economy.

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