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Costly Ag Drain Repair in Brockton

By Fadi Didi

A more than 100 year old agricultural municipal drain system will soon be replaced in Brockton.


It’s going to cost local farmers almost 454 thousand dollars to replace a  1915 agricultural municipal drain system that runs through a portion of the former Greenock Township.

Brockton Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak says the 102 year old drain serves approximately 60 landowners, covering 2,600 acres of land.

The landowners will share in the drain construction costs with some having to pay as little as 100 dollars, while others will  pay as much as 12 to 16 thousand dollars.

The project will involve cleaning out and deepening almost 6 thousand meters (19 thousand feet) of ditch.


The leader of a liberal party in the European Union Parliament says U-S President Donald Trump has given the E-U another good reason to intensify its links with Canada.

After the E-U Parliament approved a massive trade deal with Ottawa, Guy Verhofstadt said that while Trump introduces tariffs, the European Union is not only tearing them down but also setting the highest progressive standards.

Critics claim CETA will mainly help large companies, but supporters say it will create jobs and wealth.


A barn fire in BC has killed five-thousand chickens.

The blaze happened Monday in Abbotsford.

The flames started to spread to a second barn but firefighters were able to save that building, along with all of the birds inside it.

The cause is still under investigation.

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