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Jail Time for Bugging Animals?

By Kevin Bernard

Utah lawmaker wants to send people to jail for harassing farm animals with drones, ATVs, Dogs.


A Utah lawmaker wants to send people to jail for harassing farm animals with drones, all-terrain vehicles and even dogs under a proposal that is unique in the U.S. but has gained an unlikely opponent.

Republican Representative Scott Chew, who is also a rancher, says he introduced the bill last month because farmers incur significant costs and hardships when livestock are injured.

However, the Humane Society of the United States says the plan would discourage members of the public from getting close enough to livestock to expose farmers' mistreatment of their animals.

They also say it is redundant, since Utah already has a law against injuring or killing farm animals. 


There is a strong demand for Saskatchewan organically grown grain.

A manager at the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative says her organization was set up with 2.2 million dollars in federal government and industry funding to expand organic crop production.

She says demand outstrips supply of organically grown grain.

General Mills and Grain Millers are among the groups providing financial support to the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative.


A bizarre feud over Lee Murray's massive pile of manure has left the New Brunswick farmer steaming mad.

The ugly quarrel with Murray's next-door neighbours, the Gallants, made international headlines this week when a judge ordered he pay them 17-thousand dollars in costs and damages.

The judge ruled he had used his tractor to build a wall of feces along the Gallants' property line to make them miserable after the two families fought over junk mail.

The judge imposed an injunction on the Murray family, saying they can't pile or spread manure within 300 metres of the Gallant home.


The Growing Forward 2 Funding Assistance Program for producers is into its final year of the funding framework.

It's a 5 year initiative involving the federal-provincial- and territorial governments, designed to encourage innovation, competitiveness and market development in Canada's agri-food and agri-products sector.

Officials from all government levels are now working to develop the next agricultural policy framework which will launch on April 1st, of next year.

Since Growing Forward 2 launched in 2013, over 41-hundred projects have been approved with over 46 million dollars in approved funding. 




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