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Driverless Tractors

By Fadi Didi

Getting farmers to accept the idea may be the big challenge.


Case and New Holland have unveiled driverless tractors.

But one sales manager for Case says he doubts the technology will take off right away.
Robert Meier says with the ever-growing need for farm help, it is inevitable that a change to a more automatic workforce in the field will happen some day.
He says getting farmers to accept the idea will be the big challenge.
Meier it will take a couple of decades before farms in Ontario implement the new type of tractor.


A report from the International Joint Commission says voluntary measures to protect the Great Lakes from farm manure have proven insufficient.

It says governments should now turn their minds to legislation.

While the issue is of concern everywhere except Lake Superior, the problem is especially acute in Lake Erie, where out-of-control algae growth has created dead zones.

The algae growth is fuelled in large part by phosphorus in animal waste from intensive livestock operations that is finding its way into the water.

The draft also criticizes the governments' lack of progress in identifying chemicals harmful to the lakes and an absence of strategies for dealing with them.

The public has three months to comment on the report.


The Jim Pattison Group says newly formed Pattison Agriculture Limited will operate in 17 locations across Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

President Darrin Didychuk says the new organization has been established from the consolidation of JayDee AgTech and Maple Farm Equipment.

He says the total investment surpasses 200 million dollars and the company will continue to pursue opportunities for further expansion.

Didychuk says the merger creates one of the largest agriculture-focused equipment companies in Canada.


A Greenhouse Growers' Rebate came into effect January 1st in Alberta to allow greenhouse owners to recoup up to 80 per cent of the province's new carbon levy.

The province says that brings Alberta in line with similar programs in effect in other jurisdictions.

In November, a spokeswoman for the Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association called for the government to give rebates similar to ones growers get in B-C where growers get an 80-per cent rebate on the carbon tax they pay.

Alberta's carbon tax took effect January 1st.


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