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Farmers in Favour of Reducing Emissions

By Fadi Didi

The National Farmers Union is coming out in favour of government action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, saying the livelihoods of producers revolves around a stable environment.

The organization, however, is against the idea of internationally trading carbon offset credits.

Fraud from those who don't have the capacity to ensure offsets and powerful corporations unjustly taking land to support poorly regulated carbon credits are a couple of the group's concerns.

The N-F-U says it fully supports Ontario's regulations, which keep offset initiatives within Canada.


This is day 2 of Grey Bruce Farmers week in Elmwood.

Today is Dairy Day.

Among the topics being discussed, some simple tips to help make raising calves a little easier
, and a Dairy Industry udpate from the Chair of the Dairy farmers of Ontario,  Ralph Dietrich.

The 51st annual event is expected to draw 13 hundred people over the 7 days.

It is being held at the Elmwood community centre thru until January 10th.  


Ottawa is reviewing its Health of Animals Regulations and is proposing changes that would impact swine transporters.

In addition to improving animal welfare, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says proposed amendments would reduce transport losses and improve marketability and product quality.

General manager of Manitoba Pork, Andrew Dickson says the technology of transporting animals has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.

The proposed changes would put Canada more in line with trading partners such as New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the European Union.


The first manual survey this year of California's snowpack has revealed it holds about half as much water as normal.

Officials say that's casting a shadow on the state that's hoping to dodge a sixth straight year of drought.

What surveyors find between now and April 1st will guide state water officials in managing the water supply of the nation's most populous, agriculture-rich state.

Electronic monitors at elevations throughout the Sierra in late December showed the overall snowpack had a water content of 72 per cent.



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