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Paying For Humane Pork

By Fadi Didi

The Government of Canada is providing an additional $1.8 million to the pork research cluster to continue responding to consumer concerns around the humane treatment of animals.

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says the additional sum brings the total Government of Canada investment to $14.8 million and will help to expand on research work already underway as part of
the five-year (2013-18) research program.

New research will address the issue of sow housing and improved living conditions for both sows and piglets.


An American movie that was shot in shot in southern Alberta won't be getting the ``No Animals Were Harmed'' end-credit from American Humane.

American Humane says contrary to its policies, a wrangler arranged to have bison killed for the ice-age film ``The

Studio 8, the California-based company producing the movie, had said the animals had been destined for slaughter and a beef-jerky company was contracted to purchase and process the meat.

American Humane says its standards and guiding principles absolutely prohibit the killing or injuring of any animal for the sake of a film production.


The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled that Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways have exceeded their Western grain revenue entitlements for the 2015-2016 crop year.

The agency announced just before Christmas that C-N's grain revenue of almost 685-point-8 million dollars was more than a million dollars above its entitlement .

C-P's grain revenue of 681-point-2 million dollars was over three million dollars above its entitlement.

C-N and C-P now have 30 days from December 22nd to pay the Western Grains Research Foundation the amount by which they exceeded their entitlements, in addition to a five per cent penalty.


The Western Canadian Wheat Growers is calling for an immediate reduction in Grain Commission user fees paid by farmers.

The association is also calling for a farmer refund of tens of millions of dollars in overcharges.

Wheat Growers president Levi Wood says the federal Grain Commission, which charges for grain inspection and weighing, has piled up a 100 million dollar surplus.

He says grain volumes have been higher in the past few years than first estimated, so the volume of fees has been much higher.


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