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Country 105

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Avian Flu In South Korea

By Fadi Didi

About 26 million head of poultry will be killed after the H-5-N-6 strain.

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South Korea's government says about 26 million head of poultry will be killed after the H-5-N-6 strain of avian influenza was found in farms and parks.

That number includes about one-third of the country's egg-laying hens.

Egg prices are soaring and new year's festivals are being cancelled in South Korea.

The government plans to subsidize shipping fees and temporarily lift tariffs on imported eggs to ease shortages.


A company that owns a dairy farm in British Columbia's Fraser Valley will be fined the maximum amount after pleading guilty to three counts of causing an animal to continue to be in distress.

A Judge accepted a joint submission from the defence and Crown to fine Chilliwack Cattle Sales Ltd. and
one of its directors 75-thousand dollars per count plus victim surcharge fees.

Twenty charges were originally laid against the company and seven of its employees following an undercover video investigation by Mercy for Animals.

Court heard the remaining charges against Chilliwack Cattle Sales and its directors will be stayed.


The recent decision by the C-R-T-C to declare broadband Internet access a basic service across the country is big news for rural Canada.

Farming organizations have long called for improved Internet service.

The Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications commission also says mobile wireless service should be made available to all households and businesses throughout Canada.

The commission is giving telecom firms access to an escalating 750-million dollar industry-sponsored fund over the next five years to invest in broadband infrastructure.


A Saskatchewan vet, has won the inaugural Food and Farming Champion Award.

Dr. Leigh Rosengran was nominated for her research, education and advocacy in the areas of anti-microbial resistance and prudent anti-microbial use in livestock production.

Rosengran serves as the go-to-expert for interviews and articles relating to antibiotic use in animals. She has developed education initiatives and is active on social media.

The veterinarian and epidemiologist is also involved in the familiy beef operation with her husband and three children.



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