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Anti-hunger Groups Bite Back


By Fadi Didi

Criticism as NY Governor opposes a tax break for framers who give surplus produce to food banks.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's opposition to giving farmers a tax break if they give their surplus produce to food banks is being criticized by anti-hunger advocates and agriculture groups.

The Democratic governor vetoed the bill this week, the second time in two years the measure has passed the legislature only to be blocked by Cuomo.

Farmers last year donated 12 million pounds of food in New York.

Supporters argue that number could go up dramatically if the state gives a credit to farmers to offset the cost of harvesting and transporting surplus crops that otherwise might go to waste.


Winnipeg officials have given Podgy the pot-bellied pig a reprieve until next year.

The city decided earlier this year that Podgy wasn't a pet and had to go.

But the pigs owner said it a service animal that helps with her mental health.

Leland Gordon, with animal services, told a city hall committee that the owner has been issued a temporary permit allowing her to keep her pig, as long as it gets trained as a service animal.

Podgy's owner must return to city hall next year with an update on the pig's training.


Canadian officials are being urged by American S Senator Chuck Schumer to reverse a pricing policy that's discourages Canadian cheesemakers from using imported, ultra-filtered milk from the U-S.

Schumer says the new policy essentially sets the price of Canada's products below New York's ultra-filtered milk imports, and says that hurts farmers in the Empire State.

The U.S. Senator met last week with Canadian officials and says it flies directly in the face of trade agreements signed by the two countries.

Schumer says New York producers have invested millions in order to be able to export to Canada because they have long enjoyed duty-free access for their ultra-filtered milk product under NAFTA.


Here's an odd way to fight climate change...

A P-E-I dairy farmer's attempt to save money by feeding his cows seaweed has led to a discovery that could result in a substantial reduction in greenhouse gases worldwide.

Agricultural scientist Rob Kinley found the seaweed reduced the methane in the cows' burps and flatulence, a key contributor to climate change.

The farmer -- Joe Dorgan -- said the seaweed-fed cows were healthier and produced more milk.

Kinley says growing seaweed for animal feed would become more attractive if a carbon value is attached to it.


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