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Bruce County Farm Tax Ratio

By Fadi Didi

The Bruce County Finance Committee will be tackling a controversial issue today, the tax ratio set for farmers.

Members of the Brockton farm community are up in arms over sky rocketing property assessment rates.

Former Brant township area farmers have been hit hardest, with the average farm  assessment jumping 100 percent.

Brockton Mayor David Inglis says this is an issue that deserves provincial attention.

M-PAC, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, has assessed Brant farmland at roughly  9 thousand dollars an acre. One of the highest rates in the region and beyond.

The new assessment values could mean a significant increase in taxes for Brockton farmers.


Unseasonably warm weather has helped Saskatchewan farmers make big gains in harvesting their crops.

A final report from Saskatchewan Agriculture says producers have managed to harvest 95 per cent of their crop -- up from 82 per cent last month when cool and wet weather stalled the harvest.

Saskatchewan Agriculture says yields overall are well above average for most crops but quality is below average.


There are plenty of potatoes in Manitoba this year.

For the second straight year, potato growers have smashed yield records, thanks to what Keystone Agricultural Producers says were moderate summer temperatures and a longer growing season.

Growers of potatoes for french fry production harvested more than 45-million kilograms above what they're contracted to sell to McCain Foods and Simplot.

Table potato growers came in with their second- or third-largest crop ever.


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