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Runaway Bull at Agribition

By Fadi Didi

Hoofed it across two major roads during rush hour, and past kids playing.

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Weak farm and construction equipment sales really cut into Deere and Company's profit during its fiscal fourth-quarter.

However, the results still topped expectations and shares in Deere and Company rose more than nine per cent in trading last week.

The agricultural and construction equipment maker's profit fell 19 per cent to 285 million dollars, or 90 cents per share.

Low commodity prices have made it more difficult for farmers to buy new equipment, cutting into sales.

The Moline, Illinois-based company is also feeling pressure from a construction slowdown
cutting into equipment sales.


The Canadian Western Agribition in Regina this past week, took an unexpected turn during rush hour one day.

A one-year-old bull calf was being walked for its morning exercise when something spooked it.

The young bull hoofed it across two major roads and eventually settled down in a grassy field a few blocks away from an ice-cream outlet called The Moo Shoppe.

Agribition staff say the bull ran past school children playing who were outside at recess, headed down a back alley and through a residential neighbourhood until it was caught on the front lawn of a home.


A cattle rancher in Alberta at the centre of a bovine tuberculosis outbreak has told politicians in Ottawa that the federal response has been marked by a lack of urgency or transparency.

Brad Osadczuk went before Parliament's standing committee on agriculture.

He says family's business is going further and further into debt while the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
continues the investigation it began on September 22nd.

Osadczuk says he has to feed the animals but he cannot sell them and many might have to be destroyed.

The Alberta man told the Federal committee that local veterinarians should be used for the T-B testing to speed up the process.


Albania has temporarily suspended the import of fowl from European Union countries reporting cases of bird flu.

The Agriculture Ministry yesterday ordered suspension of all imports from Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

All of those countries have reported H-5-N-8 virus cases.

The AG ministry also ordered poultry farmers to keep their birds indoors while watching for any signs of infection.

While the virus hasn't been detected in any neighbouring countries, the ministry says migratory birds could introduce it to Albania.


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