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Organic Labelling Loophole

By Matthew Villeneuve

Can lead to the misuse of the term "organic'' in the province of Ontario.

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Two major grocery chains say the cost of food, especially meat, is coming down from recent highs as the industry continues to grapple with falling food prices.

Galen G. Weston, president of Loblaw Companies, says during the last quarter, the grocery market shifted from an inflationary environment to a deflationary one.

Weston says that during the high inflationary period, the company noticed shoppers were switching to purchasing less expensive items.

He says prices are being reduced to see if they can draw the customer back in.


Manitoba Pork has hired an engineering firm to study the cost of building new pig barns.

The province has essentially lifted its moratorium on pig barn construction with the implementation of a special pilot project.

Dennis Hodgkinson, president of D-G-H Engineering Limited, has worked with the Manitoba Pork industry for almost 40 years.

Hodgkinson says a four-thousand-head finisher barn would cost about $2-million to build in 2016, compared to about $1.3-million back in 2001.


The Organic Council of Ontario is upset about a loophole in labelling that can lead to the misuse of the term "organic'' in the province.

The group says the province allows products produced and sold within the province to avoid regulation unless they are stamped with the new federal organic logo.

Council chairman Tom Manley says the matter could become a jurisdictional hot potato.

He adds the issue has gone back-and-forth between the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the province, yet nothing has been done to address it. 



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