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Increasing Beef and Pork Exports to China

By Fadi Didi

Agriculture Minister says improved beef exports alone will mean millions of dollars.

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Canada's agriculture minister says last week's trade talks with China will certainly lead to increased farm exports, quite noticeably so in the beef and pork sector.

Lawrence MacAulay says that improved beef exports alone will mean millions of dollars coming back towards those producers.

Being a farmer all his life, MacAulay knows the ups and downs that go with the business and he feels boosting exports to China will help add some ups to Canada's farmers.

With the possibility of a TransPacific Partnership on the way, the minister says he's still listening to his constituents and evaluating the situation.


Saskatchewan farmers made limited harvest progress during the past week.

Provincial crops specialist Brent Flaten says 70 per cent of combining is complete, up from 60 per cent last week.

The long term average is 79 per-cent. He says rain caused harvest delays.

Flaten says harvest ranges from 61 per cent in east central Saskatchewan to 79 per cent in the southwest.


The president of the National Farmers Union has met with leaders of the European Milk Board and European Commission officials in Brussels.

Jan Slomp was invited there to elaborate on his letter earlier this summer to European Union Dairy Commissioner Phil Hogan.

Slomp is encouraging Europe to solve its ongoing dairy crisis by adopting a Canadian-style supply management system instead of attempting to use the CETA (SEE-tah) trade agreement to increase dairy exports to Canada.

Slomp says CETA would shift 185-thousand tonnes of milk production from Canada to Europe by increasing its access to the Canadian cheese market.


Farm weather this summer has been a tale of two extremes in Canada.

Western Canada crop production has been affected by excess moisture in many areas.

Harvest has also been delayed and some crops affected by rain during the past week.

By contrast, a report from Agriculture Canada says Eastern Canada is suffering from drought.

The recent says recent rain in central Canada has improved conditions somewhat but severe drought still affects the Niagara region around the North Shore of Lake Ontario.



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