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Wisconsin's World Dairy Expo

By Fadi Didi

The World Dairy Expo got underway in Madison Wisconsin with the fitting show for under 21 year olds.

It was held on Sunday and Kurtis Frischnecht of Walton placed second in the senior division.

He was the only Canadian to place in the contest.

Fitting competitions means the youth is given a heifer calf, and has one hour to prepare it for a show.

They are judged on their skill in clipping to enhance the animals' qualities.


The general manager of the P-E-I potato board says the cost of a tampering crisis hovers around 10 million dollars.

Greg Donald says the expense includes detection equipment, modifications to buildings and packing lines, and 100-thousand pounds of destroyed potatoes.

The damage was considerable with the report of a dozen incidents of sewing needles inserted into potatoes throughout the Maritimes since October 2014.

Donald is concerned further media coverage might plant nefarious ideas in a possible copycat looking to sabotage the spud industry.


An economist studying the global food supply says farmers on the Canadian Prairies are the only agricultural winners on the planet as a result of global warming.

Lutz Goedde told the Global Business Forum in Banff that rising temperatures and longer growing seasons mean that ever-increasing areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will be able to switch to corn and soybeans from wheat and canola.

The partner with McKinsey and Company in Denver also says warmer weather is also allowing Prairie farmers to grow more pulse crops such as peas and lentils to export to emerging markets such as India.


Beef production is up south of the border.

The United States Department of Agriculture says beef production was at one billion kilograms in August, up 17 per cent from last year.

Commercial red meat production is up 14 per cent, at just over two billion kilograms

Pork production also jumped 10 per cent from last year, at just under one billion kilograms.

Veal production dropped six per cent, at 2-point-8 million kilograms.  




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