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International Dispute could affect Canola

By Fadi Didi

Canadian negotiators in China working to resolve dispute that could affect our canola exports.

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Canada's international trade minister says government negotiators are in China working hard to resolve a dispute that could affect Canadian canola exports.

Speaking to reporters in Beijing, Chrystia Freeland said she understands the absolute importance of the two countries' trade relationship, which includes billions of dollars worth of canola shipments.

The countries are locked in a dispute over the amount of foreign material _ such as other crops and weeds _ found in Canadian canola exports to China.

The Chinese government has given Canada until tomorrow to cut the level of foreign material in its deliveries of the crop by more than half.


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research have awarded a 2.8-million-dollar grant to a researcher at Winnipeg's St. Boniface Hospital who is looking into the effect of flaxseed in the diet of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Grant Pierce and his team are working to determine if flaxseed will lower blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure but without secondary disease.

The study will also look at whether flaxseed can delay or reduce the need for anti-hyptertensive drugs.

Current drugs used to control hypertension are costly, can induce unwanted side-effects and they are not always effective in controlling blood pressure.


Many California farmworkers say they're excited about proposed legislation that would give them the same overtime pay as the rest of the state's workers who are paid by the hour.

Now they just have to wait and see if Democratic Governor Jerry Brown will sign the bill.

It's seen as historic legislation that is the culmination of a decades-old movement launched by Cesar Chavez, the legendary co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association.

California farmers have fought the legislation, saying that higher overtime pay could hurt them economically and outprice California products from the marketplace in favour of crops grown in other states and countries. 

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