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Ginger Crops Could Pop Up Ontario.

By Liny Lamberink

Guelph Researchers are looking at the viability of growing the heavily imported ginger locally.

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Farm Credit Canada's chief economist says Canadian farmers are faring much, much better than their U-S counterparts.
J-P Gervais says the U-S-D-A calls the current American situation one of the worst agricultural downturns in more than a decade.
While Canadian farm cash receipts are projected to remain relatively flat this year.
Gervais says the Canadian dollar against the U-S currency bumps up prices Canadian producers get for many commodities priced in the U-S market.
The economist also says while farm input prices increased one per cent in the U-S in the first quarter of this year, they dropped by more than two per cent in Canada.


The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association is holding two day Environmental Farm Plan workshops in a variety of local communities this month.

A session is being held in Wingham this Thursday and again on August 18th.

There's also a date in Clinton on August 27th.

The farm organization is holding a traceability workshop on Thursday and again on August 18th in St. Mary's from 10 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock (PM)

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association is a unique non-profit farm organization that represents all commodity groups across the province.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the registration for three flaxseed varieties will be cancelled effective August 1st, 2017.
At that time, C-D-C Arras, Flanders and Somme will be removed from the variety designation list for flaxseed and will be eligible only for the lowest grade.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency registers grain varieties and is also responsible for cancelling the registration of varieties.
The Canadian Grain Commission designates which registered varieties are eligible for delivery into specific classes of grain.


It's a staple in oriental cooking and food suppliers are wondering if ginger might become a common crop in Ontario.
Research professor John Zandstra at the Ridgetown Campus of the University of Guelph says Canadians import a lot of ginger and he has been asked to conduct trials to see if it is a viable local crop.
He says ginger is grown in Ontario under hoop housees, but he's looking at if larger scale field production is viable.
Zandstra says he got the seeds for the crop in the spring but cool weather delayed production.
He also says weed control could be an issue because there are no chemicals approved for it in Canada. 


Preconditioning calves to reduce their stress after weaning has many advantages.

Dr. Oliver Schunicht says calves that have been through a preconditioning program enter a feedlot with reduced risk for disease.

Dr. Schunicht, who is a Alberta-based cow-calf producer and veterinarian, says regardless of paid premiums -- preconditioning makes economic sense for producers.

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