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Celebrating 200 Years of Almanacs

By Fadi Didi

New Hampshire and Maine Almanacs celebrate over 200 years of ageless wit and wisdom.


P-E-D virus has been detected in Alberta.

It wasn't in a pig -- Alberta Agriculture and Forestry veterinary epidemiologist Julia Keenliside says it was detected in a truck earlier this month.

The livestock trailer was returning to Canada from a swine processing plant in the U-S and was not carrying hogs.

Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and P-E-I have had several small P-E-D outbreaks, but Alberta has never had a case.


A World Trade Organization panel has found largely in the European Union's favour in a dispute over tariffs imposed by Russia on some agricultural and manufactured goods.

The panel found 11 of the 12 measures challenged by the E-U were inconsistent with Russia's obligations not to apply tariffs higher than those set out in its commitments as a W-T-O member.

The products involved included palm oil, paper and refrigerators.


Two longtime American almanacs full of wit, wisdom and weather are celebrating milestones.

The Old Farmer's Almanac from New Hampshire is marking its 225th anniversary and the Farmer's Almanac in Maine is ringing in its 200th.

Hundreds of almanacs existed over two centuries ago.

The Maine almanac had some forward-thinking advice for women in 1876, telling them to learn skills to avoid being dependent on finding a husband.


The National Farmers Union Ontario says its members are opposed to changing price negotiating rules for vegetable growers.

It says proposed ammendments will take away negotiating power of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers marketing board.

The union also says a consultation process on the changes was too short and poorly timed at harvest season.

Board member Karen Eatwell says the only people who will benefit are corporations, and consumers won't see lower prices.


Several farm groups have met with federal government officials in Regina.

And the topic on the table was grain transportation.

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says farmers want an efficient system to move this year's bumper crop.

He says he doesn't expect a repeat of the backlog that occurred three years ago.


A Manitoba farmer has written his marriage proposal to his girlfriend into a wheat field.

Twenty-eight-year-old John Yokimas of East Selkirk used a tiller to write: ``I love U Sally. Will U marry me?'' in large letters last Friday.

Twenty-two-year-old Sally Hnatiuk saw the message as they circled the wheat field in a plane.

She said `yes'' and the two are planning to tie the knot sometime next year.


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