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Prison Farms Could Reopen in Canada

By Fadi Didi

The federal government has held public consultations about reopening two prison farms in Ontario.

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Federal Immigration Minister John McCallum expects a report next month on a revamp to the temporary foreign worker program.

McCallum says the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources should be ready to present its report to Parliament in September.

In areas such as Alberta, McCallum says there's a strong demand for temporary foreign workers in the agriculture, hospitality and meat-packing sectors.

The previous Conservative government overhauled the program in 2014 by phasing in a 10 per cent cap on the number of temporary foreign workers most businesses can hire.

It also disallowed the program in regions of Canada with high unemployment.


Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership contender Jason Kenney has promised to repeal controversial farm legislation if he becomes premier.

Bill 6 was passed by the N-D-P government to protect waged workers on farms and create industry employment standards.

Kenney calls the bill -- quote -- ``an ideological attack from an urbanite NDP government.''

The bill triggered province-wide protests for weeks when it was introduced last year.


A former prison ``lifer'' is supporting the possible reopening of Canada's prison farms, saying it teaches the value of doing a job.

Wayne Topping worked at the dairy barn, cheese factory, greenhouse, henhouse and tractor shed at Manitoba's Rockwood Institution before his release in 2007, after serving 25 years for second-degree murder.

Topping says getting up at 5:30 a-m every day was the kind of routine that was good experience for many prisoners.

In 2009, the government announced it was closing all of Canada's prison farms by 2011.

This summer, the federal government held public consultations about possibly reopening two prison farms in Ontario. 


Saskatchewan celebrated its 10th annual mustard festival over the weekend.

The event was created to show guests just how awesome mustard is in the hands of talented local chefs.

Twenty-two different food-service providers in Regina signed on to strive for the ``Yellow Chef's Coat'' during the event in Regina on Sunday.

The festival boasts that the province produces almost 80 per cent of the mustard grown for global export.


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