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Lack of Rain Troubles Farmers

By Fadi Didi

A sprinkle of rain here and there is not enough. A lost crop is lost income to area farmers.

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While fire officials are concerned about the threat of wildfires,  a lack of rain is also causing trouble for farmers.

Jim Partridge, a local Federation of Agriculture member, says a sprinkle of rain here and there is not enough.

Partridge says a lost crop is lost income to area farmers.

Luckily the chance of rain is in the forecast over the next couple of days, but Partridge says it has to be a good all night two inches of rain to fall for it to be worthwhile.


The USDA reports American corn, soybean and wheat stocks were all up June 1st from a year ago.

Corn stocks were up six per cent, soybeans 39 per cent and all wheat stocks were up 30 per cent from June 1st of 2015.

According to the USDA, American on-farm stocks of corn were up nine per cent from a year ago.


The United States Senate is moving ahead on bipartisan legislation that would for the first time require food packages to carry labels listing genetically modified ingredients.

Vermont's senators _ Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy _ argue that the measure falls short, especially compared to the tougher labeling in their state that kicked in last week.

They argue that the federal government shouldn't run roughshod over a state's rules, pre-empting Vermont's law, and the federal requirements would not be consumer-friendly.


Officials at C-P Rail say they're ready to move this year's harvest on the prairies, despite laying off 500 workers last week across the country.

A spokesman for the Calgary-based rail company says losing the 500 railway maintenance workers won't affect its ability to move grain efficiently.

If things continue the way they are, this year's prairie grain harvest is expected to be earlier than normal and larger, too.


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