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Cap for Foreign Workers

By Fadi Didi

Feds keeping cap on number of low-wage temporary foreign workers a company can hire at 20 per cent.

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Our federal government is keeping the cap on the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers a company can hire at 20 per cent.

It had been set to go down to 10 per cent beginning to July 1st -- but the Labour Minister says the controversial act needs to be overhauled and changes won't come until later this year.

Canadian Meat Council President Ron Davidson says meat-processing plants that have been dealing with severe labour shortages will welcome the relief.

Employers who first began hiring low-wage temporary foreign workers before the cap came into effect will still be able to use it for 20 per cent of their workforce.

Those who started using the program after that point, or who are hiring temporary foreign workers for the first time, will be subject to a 10 per cent cap.


Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan is getting support from the National Farmers Union.

President Emery Huszka says they have long recognized the important role farmers of all sizes can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario.

He also points out improved soil health has a role in sequestering carbon.

However, Huszka says the rules that need to be developed under that plan will be critical to how it affects agriculture.


A new set of bio-security standards are helping owners and handlers protect horses from disease.

The document was prepared by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Equine Canada and its equine organizations.

It suggests to ways reduce the frequency, scope and impact of disease outbreaks and offers multiple methods to enhance horse health, welfare and productivity.

Canada already has national biosecurity standards for the avian, bee, cattle, dairy, goat and sheep industries.

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