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New Ag Facility in Bolton

By Fadi Didi

Agrocorp Exports says its new plant can help pursue export opportunities for Canadian pulses.

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Some interesting results from a beef study being done at the University of Alberta.

A team found a new mutant strain of E-coli that can survive high heat.

Researchers first thought there was some mistake -- so they tried heating it again but the strain survived.

Usually if raw hamburger is cooked to 71 degrees Celsius, that's enough to kill bacteria that might be present, but not so with this new strain.

The results may add some weight to the argument in favor or irradiating ground beef in Canada.


Construction on a new ag processing facility is underway in Bolton.

The Agrocorp Exports plant is going to be over 170-thousand square feet.

It will be for processing and packaging for pulse exports -- including beans, lentils, and peas.

Chief Financial Officer Peter Niclasen says the new facility means they can aggressively pursue new exports of Canadian grown pulses.

It will also create some job opportunities.

An opening date hasn't been set yet.


The Earls restaurant chain says Canadian beef is back on the menu at its outlets in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Earls has reached new partnerships with Canadian ranchers who are committed to providing beef raised without antibiotics, steroids or added hormones.

The company faced a massive public backlash in April when it announced it would be getting all its beef from a U-S supplier with a Certified Humane designation because it couldn't find a similar supplier in Canada.

It quickly backtracked but said it remained committed to building a Canadian supply of humanely produced meat.



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