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Fewer Canadians Eating Beef

By Fadi Didi

Per capita beef consumption dropped almost 8 per cent last year, biggest annual decline in almost 40 years.

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It appears the number of Canadians who put beef on the dinner table is decling.

Stats show per capita beef consumption in Canada dropped almost 8 per cent last year -- that is the biggest annual decline in almost 40 years.

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says it is also the first time per capita beef consumption has dropped below 18 kilos.

Its being blamed on tight supplies.

Canadian beef production was down 5 per cent last year while imports dropped 1 per cent and exports rose 4 per cent.

The net result was an over 6 per cent drop in beef supplies available for domestic consumption.


The director of risk management with Hams Marketing Services says the Chinese market is getting a lot of attention from analysts.

Tyler Fulton says that's because of the sheer potential in demand for pork in China.

Fulton says Canada could likely see a doubling of pork volumes headed to China.

But, countries like Mexico and Japan are bigger players in the export market, and he thinks it will be important to sustain those relationships in order to stay ahead.


Here's something many people in agriculture would like to see in Ontario.

400-thousand dollars of additional funding is being earmarked for Agriculture in the Classroom in Saskatchewan.

The group is getting the money from the federal and provincial governments.

The organization connects kids and agriculture so they can understand and appreciate how food is produced.

It also educates students about the wide variety of career opportunities in the agriculture sector.


A renowned expert in horticulture has died.

Bill Paton had taught at the University of Brandon for 40 years.

Paton was a driving force in the establishment of the long-running HortLine, which was launched in 1976.

Paton continued to provide free horticultural advice to people throughout his life.


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